Biossot is a Ukrainian manufacturer of effective detergents for professional and household use.
Today the company is one of the largest employers in Chernihiv.
A team of professionals and like-minded people is the value of Biossot.
We are committed to the interests and aspirations of the company, we work for a common goal, trust and help each other to interact, so we can confidently be called a team.

We approach each employee individually: we identify the best abilities and provide an opportunity to develop professional and personal qualities. We grow as a company by developing our employees. After all, our success depends on your success. We unswervingly adhere to state standards in matters of personnel and social policy.

Our team is large enough. We employ only qualified specialists, the best in their profession: top managers, accountants, HR, lawyers, marketers, sales managers, chemists, laboratory assistants, technologists, production operators, commodity specialists, logisticians. An attractive variety of roles and a worthy reward are factors that generate interest.

As the company is constantly evolving, we will need new specialists to join our ranks, whose talent, energy and abilities will help us achieve our goals!

Keep track of vacancies and join the best team. Biossot is a great place to build a successful career.



Work in production is considered the most interesting and difficult. We are proud that each employee of our production is a professional in his field, who not only follows the instructions with high quality, but also puts his soul into the creation of the product.


Biossot managers are highly qualified specialists, erudite, reliable. Thanks to their coordination and control, our company works in a coordinated, organized manner, achieves goals and multiplies results.

Sales department

Clients are waiting for real professionals with impeccable knowledge of the product, high communication skills, energetic, purposeful, and attentive to details, ready to help and work for the result.


We will answer all questions

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