Biossot’s purpose and values

Our company was established in August 2020. This decision was considered and motivated. Therefore, we clearly outlined our goals and values ​​at the very beginning of the journey.

Biossot is actively and purposefully changing the world for the better through knowledge, research and an entrepreneurial spirit! This is our goal, what drives us, what we do with a pure heart.

It is also important to talk about our values, priorities and sources of motivation for new achievements. Those are:

We work so our customers are 100 percent satisfied. We always adhere to the standards of quality and speed of service. We focus on the needs of the market, and create innovative products according to our recipes.
Consistently high quality of our products is an integral value and part of the company’s strategy. We do everything to ensure that our advanced formulas, modern production facilities and highly qualified specialists provide an impeccable result.
Our own research laboratory, imported equipment, automated production and advanced technologies allow a team of professionals to implement the most daring solutions. We design and create innovative, effective, and safe products.
A team of professional specialists and like-minded people is the heart of Biossot. We are committed to the interests and aspirations of the company, we work for a common goal, we trust and help each other, therefore we can proudly be called a team. We approach each employee individually: identify the best abilities and provide an opportunity to develop professional and personal qualities. We unswervingly adhere to state standards in matters of personnel and social policy.
We work so to be the undisputed leader of the industrial area in Ukraine and become an example to follow.

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