Debut brand release – NeoCleanPro

We understand well the needs of the modern world, we care about the quality of the product and the safety for the health of our customers, and we strive to make the space around us cleaner. With all this in mind, we created the NeoCleanPro brand.

It was the first proprietary brand to be produced at the Biossot plant. Debutant and pride of the company. NeoCleanPro sets new standards for cleanliness!
— The brand’s detergents and cleaners are designed to meet the high requirements of the field of professional cleaning, which has already become an integral part of the modern world.
— The guarantee of the high quality of our products is our own complete production cycle. From the idea of ​​creation to industrial production. A team of highly qualified specialists working for the company developed the unique recipe of the debut brand.
— All NeoCleanPro products have been thoroughly tested in our own research laboratory.
— We used innovative foaming, degreasing and disinfecting formulas.
— The funds were manufactured at a new, modernly equipped and automated plant. In addition, the finished product meets the state quality standards.

The brand’s assortment consists of products for personal hygiene, washing and cleaning, laundry and special-purpose products.

Where do you need NeoCleanPro products? Everywhere:
In the HoReCa channel (hotels, restaurants, cafes), office and entertainment centers, preschool and other educational institutions, beauty salons, the transport sector, industrial and utility enterprises.

Professionals created the NeoCleanPro brand for professionals! Work faster, more efficiently and safely.

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