Biossot against the use of phosphates

Global trends in the production of household chemicals adhere to the abandonment of phosphates in the composition of their products for many years.

Phosphates are chemical compounds of various metals and phosphoric acid. Their main function in detergents is to improve cleaning properties. They reduce the hardness of the water, prevent the deposition of contaminants on washed surfaces, and break down some types of contaminants.

However, the aggressive action of these components also has negative consequences: allergic reactions, dermatological diseases, poisoning, pollution of water bodies, and pollution of drinking water.

The first country that stopped using phosphates is Japan, and Germany joined it almost immediately. This was about fifty years ago.
Austria phased out phosphate compounds in detergents in 1995; Netherlands since 1990; Belgium since 1991; Italy, Ireland, Denmark since 2002.
Today, the production of phosphate household chemicals is limited or even prohibited in most countries.

Work is underway on a draft resolution from the Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine, which is called “On Amendments to the Technical Regulations for Detergents”. According to this document, the country plans to gradually reduce the content of phosphates and other phosphorus compounds in detergents. However, today, the use of phosphates isn’t prohibited by law. Be vigilant and choose trusted manufacturers.

Biossot is responsible for your health and the environment, from the very beginning we have joined the global phosphate-free trend and opted for phosphate-free production.

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